Our Wishlist

Operating Costs

The day-to-day running of the Shelter requires the following in donations:

  • Blankets and towels,
  • Dog and cat food which can be either dry or tinned,
  • Accessories such as collars, food bowls and pet toys,
  • Chlorine tabs for cleaning and disinfecting,
  • Grooming equipment,
  • River sand for the catteries,
  • Building equipment for various projects including the re-tarring of the driveway,
  • Electric fencing for security,
  • Gardening equipment,
  • Sponsoring of utilities like electricity & water on a monthly basis, or the donation of a solar panel so that we can become self-sufficient,
  • Heaters for the offices and surgery,
  • Infrared lamp bulbs for the heaters in the catteries and kennels,
  • A horse trailer with a ramp,
  • paint for the premises,
  • Sponsorship of educational materials & printing,
  • General office stationery,
  • Office furniture,
  • Fire extinguishers and
  • Donation of services like accounting and IT.


Our surgery requires the following:

  • Surgical supplies,
  • Sponsorship of laboratory fees (around R4,000 per month),
  • Air conditioning and heating for the recovery room,
  • Renovations to the recovery room,
  • Additional cages for recovery animals,
  • Surgery cupboards to secure equipment and

Small things make a big difference!

There are a number of small things that we always need here at the SPCA to help us minimise our costs and make sure we provide the best care for our animals.